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Tobin Bellvery dark video
by Tobin Bell 7 months ago

How on Earth could this darkness be fixed with Vegas Pro?...

avi file
Ángel Molina LópezPlus sign
by Ángel Molina López 2 years ago

Plus sign moves at the same time as the blue rectangle...

avi file
Ayman FaragGlitch video
by Ayman Farag 2 years ago

A video about the glitch in question....

avi file
Johannes SundqvistThe RIGHT type of video for a video issue with Sony Vegas Pro 12
by Johannes Sundqvist 5 years ago

Heres the video that you wanted, i hope atleast, its the raw footage from my camera. I just filmed some random stuff just to get something, so don't mind what i really recorded....

avi file
Jaanus HennoExample clip
by Jaanus Henno 7 years ago

This is source material....

avi file
chris iulianoHow I Met Your Mother Clip
by chris iuliano 7 years ago

This is just an example of teh effect I am trying to figure out. I understand cloning, but not how they can overlap each other. Just trying to figure out how they do this effect...

avi file
Eric SchuranJoint Problems
by Eric Schuran 8 years ago

Just some mess of a joint to curves as usual....

avi file
Eric SchuranExample
by Eric Schuran 8 years ago

Here's what I'm doing. Probably not right at all. After I highlighted the joint and curves, I hit SHIFT+P just so you know why the error came up....

avi file
Alex KyeFootage for testing
by Alex Kye 8 years ago

Raw footage was asked for in a thread for testing purposes....

avi file
Don KimballCreating a pan accross the horizon
by Don Kimball 8 years ago

I had very limited success creating a smooth pan with this scene and would welcome more tips or let others have a go at it. thanks! Don...

avi file
Kevin Thornesample video
by Kevin Thorne 9 years ago

here's a supplied example, set to 24 bit...

avi file
Paul ChuRCA Small Wonder EZ201 Pocket Camcorder - Test AVI file
by Paul Chu 9 years ago

Following AVI file plays on Windows 7 in Windows Media Player, Movie Maker etc. AVI file only shows Video track when imported into Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9. Want to be able to use native .AVI files with Movie Studio....

avi file
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