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Robert AdamaMotiontracking VP16
by Robert Adama 2 years ago

see my docx file with Fotos to describe problems with VP16 and motiontracking...

docx file
Jeff Davidgreen screen issue
by Jeff David 2 years ago

top shot shows I have deselected/deleted the chromokeyer fx second shot shows that even w no chromokeyer effect selected, lower video track still shows up in preview screen...

docx file
Jeff Davidscreen shots - green screen problem
by Jeff David 2 years ago

green screen shots showing green screen fx turned off yet lower video track still shows in preview window...

docx file
Manish ChoudharyMy Pc New.docx
by Manish Choudhary 2 years ago

Uploaded file My Pc New.docx...

docx file
Manish ChoudharyDell 5820.docx
by Manish Choudhary 3 years ago

Uploaded file Dell 5820.docx...

docx file
pablo mejiaCrash Report
by pablo mejia 3 years ago

crash report...

docx file
Christian SimpsonExpression breakdown
by Christian Simpson 3 years ago

Word doc describing my expressions...

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Jeff DavidLegacy driver INSTALL not showing in drop[ down
by Jeff David 3 years ago

Here is a screen shot of the legacy driver. Double right click to get drop down and no "INSTALL" showing. Maybe because I have Windows 8.1? I wonder of my firewire port is not functioning? How would I tell? Test something else? Except I don't have any other cameras or devices. I will see if an old computer I have recognizes the camcorder. That is a Vista 7 so I can also see if I get the INSTALL option when double right clicking on the legacy driver. I'm really stumped. I may have to find someone local who is an...

docx file
Samya ChattopadhyayRelink issues
by Samya Chattopadhyay 6 years ago

Showing the clips and media file in the same system but relink attempts in vain....

docx file
Yoram TalAvid Resolve round trip
by Yoram Tal 7 years ago

Here is a breakdown of my Avid to Resolve round trip with Tape based Media. Please let me know if it makes sense. Thanks. Tal...

docx file
Ali JavidfarDouble Points when using Hypernurbs
by Ali Javidfar 8 years ago

Hello all, I believe my question should be an easy one to solve. When following video tutorials I have noticed that when they put their models inside of a hypernurb it does not cause a double point (one being of the hypernurb mesh and one of the object that is the child of the nurb). The reason for the post is because it causes confusion when its time to select a point and model. I am sure its just a feature that I turn on/off but havent found it yet. Some assistance please. Thank you in advance....

docx file
Lindsay Simpson3_21_Mountain_lion_transfer_errors_only
by Lindsay Simpson 9 years ago

transfer errors from CatDV Mountain Lion catalog to CacheA, provided by CacheA UI...

docx file
Lindsay Simpson3_21_Mountain_Lion_Transfer_summary_ALL
by Lindsay Simpson 9 years ago

trasnfer summary from Mountain Lion catalog to CacheA, information provided by CacheA UI...

docx file
Jessica BassettQuestion for interviewee
by Jessica Bassett 9 years ago

These are the eighteen question I need you to answer. 5 of these I've made up and 5 are required. Your time is very much appreciated. Thank you - Jessica B...

docx file
Dylan RainoneSony Vegas Audio Snapshot
by Dylan Rainone 9 years ago

This is what it looks like when I play it but, I do not hear any sound....

docx file
Neda PanahPost Production Manager
by Neda Panah 9 years ago

Job Description...

docx file
Tyler JensenVegas Pro
by Tyler Jensen 10 years ago

My Vegas Pro Screen...

docx file
James CollinsVIZRT Graphic News Animator - Sydney Australia
by James Collins 10 years ago

NETWORK TEN Sydney Operations Australia currently has a vacancy for an experienced graphic designer and animator for our News services. . Working closely on a daily basis with News producers and programme makers, this key position will be required to : • Perform advanced & complex graphic designs and 3D animations for a variety of News productions and packages • Communicate and offer daily creative ideas and solutions for News productions using Graphic animations to producers, journalists and operations staff at all levels • Train other graphics staff in animation techniques It is essential the successful applicant has: • Demonstrated...

docx file
Ed BlackfordEd Blackford Resume
by Ed Blackford 11 years ago

Here is my resume for 2009....

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