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kazhwan Ghadermarziscript
by kazhwan Ghadermarzi 1 year ago

film script...

jsx file
David CabestanySequencer for layer in points script
by David Cabestany 2 years ago

A script that sequences layers based on user entered parameters based on the layer in point instead of the layer start time....

jsx file
Walter Soykakeen-SelectUnparentedLayers
by Walter Soyka 3 years ago

After Effects script to select all layers in the active composition which do not have parents....

jsx file
Spencer TweedImport panel
by Spencer Tweed 3 years ago

Import panel script thing. It's cool. I use it all the time....

jsx file
Søren StormGraph script
by Søren Storm 4 years ago

This is a script with an automatic graph generator. Work in progress....

jsx file
Cassius MarquesScript to run Create shapes from vector command
by Cassius Marques 4 years ago

Script to run Create shapes from vector command...

jsx file
Spencer TweedBackground Instancer
by Spencer Tweed 4 years ago

This script launches background render instances of After Effects for multi-processed rendering. It only work on Windows (tested on Windows 7). - Spencer...

jsx file
Steve ThurowSwatch You Want
by Steve Thurow 4 years ago

Adobe script for importing color swatch files into after effects. For a full description read the comments in the script file....

jsx file
Jason JantzenKeyedUp Script
by Jason Jantzen 6 years ago

Here's the script for downloading....

jsx file
Jelle PothovenScript for duplicating the Key comp
by Jelle Pothoven 6 years ago

Script for duplicating the Key comp...

jsx file
Philip BowserFolderTemplate
by Philip Bowser 6 years ago

AE script for generating a folder template on startup....

jsx file
Philip Bowserfcpxml-ae_v8
by Philip Bowser 6 years ago

Version 8: Includes Transform and Spatial Conform data. No Retiming or Keyframes....

jsx file
Philip Bowserfcpxml-ae_v4
by Philip Bowser 6 years ago

Progress on FCPXML to AE script...

jsx file
Kevin BurkeGetPixelBounds_TextLayer
by Kevin Burke 7 years ago

This script goes in your Adobe scripts folder and requires you to select a text layer before you run it: (Windows) Program FilesAdobeAdobe After Effects CS5Support Files (Mac OS) Applications/Adobe After Effects CS5...

jsx file
Dan FredleySwapPosition.jsx
by Dan Fredley 8 years ago

Swaps the position of two selected layers in After Effects....

jsx file
Kevin SchiresElement Shadow v.1
by Kevin Schires 8 years ago

Script to add CS6 ray-traced shadows to an Element 3D layer...

jsx file
Dan FredleyCreateCompsAddEffects.jsx
by Dan Fredley 8 years ago

// Creates comps from selected footage items in the project panel, creates a folder for each footage item and adds a preset to layers // Create a preset and place the .ffx file into the same folder as the script // Select at least one footage item in the project panel and run the script...

jsx file
Dan FredleycompToLayerMarkers.jsx
by Dan Fredley 8 years ago

Converts After Effects composition markers to layer markers...

jsx file
Dan FredleyFrameSplitter Script
by Dan Fredley 8 years ago

// FrameSplitter.jsx by Dan Fredley ©2012 // Version 1.0 // This After Effects script splits a layer into individual frames within the work area of the composition // No scripts are guaranteed and use at your own risk, etc....

jsx file
Dan FredleyTimeRemapper Script
by Dan Fredley 8 years ago

// TimeRemapper.jsx by Dan Fredley ©2012 // Version 1.0 // This script can be set as a keyboard shortcut to enable time-remapping then to set a keyframe for time-remapping // Follow the instructions at // You can override the original Time Remapping shortcut (Command/Ctrl + Option/Alt + T) using the "Keyed Up.jsx" script // This script will first enable time-remapping if it is not already enabled, then you'll need to call it again to set a keyframe // If time-remapping is already enabled then it will set a keyframe at the current time // No scripts are guaranteed and...

jsx file
Dan FredleyNullCopier Script
by Dan Fredley 8 years ago

// NullCopier.jsx by Dan Fredley ©2012 // Version 1.0 // This script creates one null and uses it for the entire project every time the script is called--keeping things tidy // This overrides the applications default which creates a new null object every time you use the menu or keyboard shortcut // Put this in the scripts folder and make it into a keyboard shortcut by using the instructions at: // // "Ctrl+N" on a Mac is a good keyboard shortcut for it // For a more traditional way of adding nulls use the script "NullAdder.jsx" which keeps the...

jsx file
Dan FredleyNullAdder Script
by Dan Fredley 8 years ago

// NullAdder.jsx by Dan Fredley ©2012 // Version 1.0 // This script creates a null object in the traditional AE way in the current composition, but organizes newly created nulls into a "Nulls" folder--keeps things tidy // For a less traditional way of creating nulls try "NullCopier.jsx" which creates one null used for the whole project--keeps less things in the project window // Put this in the scripts folder and make it into a keyboard shortcut by using the instructions at: // // "Ctrl+N" on a Mac is a good keyboard shortcut for it // // The default duration...

jsx file
Raphael Schaafafter effects null-connector-script
by Raphael Schaaf 8 years ago

this script takes the 2d-position of 2 layers and creates a new 3d null-object...

jsx file
Brian Charles3D Layer Offset
by Brian Charles 9 years ago

Script for 3D Layer offset...

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